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Regenerative Medicine in Clinical Practice: PRP & Stem Cell Therapy

Presenter: Mark Cofone, VMD, DACVS

Presenter: Mark Cofone, VMD, DACVS
This 1-hour presentation covers the clinical application of Adult Stem Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) in companion animals. This presentation will outline the basic understanding of the science of utilizing autologous (from the patient back to the same patient) regenerative treatments in clinical practice. The presentation will include clinical cases to explore implementing and achieving positive outcomes in veterinary patients.
Learning Objectives
  • Science and Clinical Application of Stem Cells and PRP in veterinary Medicine 
  • How Regenerative Medicine works to treat certain diseases in small animal medicine
  •  What is PRP and how is it used 
  • ​How to implement same-day treatments in a veterinary practice
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