A Clinician's Guide To Regenerative Medicine

Tuesday January 16th @ 5:45p | OCCC S230C

Speaker: Mike Hutchinson, DVM

The course will outline the basic understanding of the science of utilizing autologous (from the patient back to the same patient) regenerative treatments in clinical practice. The presentation will include clinical cases to explore implementing and achieving positive outcomes in veterinary patients.
  • Science and Clinical Application of Stem Cells and PRP in Veterinary Medicine
  • ​How Regenerative Medicine works to treat certain diseases in small animal medicine
  • ​What is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and how is it used 
  • ​How to implement same-day treatments in a veterinary practice

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Meet the Speaker

Mike Hutchinson, DVM

A leading practitioner in stem cell therapy, Dr. Mike Hutchinson, D.V.M., is a highly sought after speaker at national and international veterinary conferences on the uses of animal stem cells. He has performed more than 1,000 Adipose-Derived Stem Cell procedures on dogs, cats, horses, and other animals.

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Come meet our team at VMX in Orlando! Our booth for the conference is Booth #2119. Learn about our in-clinic stem cell and prp therapy system and how you can positively impact patient outcomes and your practice's bottom line.
  • Same day, on site treatments  
  • ​Two Modalities: ActiStem & PureVet PRP
  • ​On-site training included
  • ​Ongoing business development and case selection support
  • ​On call technical services veterinarian

Actistem Therapy

Actistem Therapy allows you to isolate a patient’s own stem cells in your practice, activate, and then administer them back in a same day setting to canine, feline, or equine patients. Fat (Adipose) tissue is a proven, rich, and safe source of Adult Stem Cells. When isolated properly, they can offer the ability to treat the underlying cause of disease.


Ardent's PureVet PRP kit treatment kit is a versatile surgical biologic. The kit is user friendly, affordable and can provide multiple treatments for a single patient.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This is the perfect example of good innovative medicine that in turn, feeds the practice... without question."

Chris Welch, DVM
"I am just as excited today as I was day one to offer Regenerative Medicine. Medically I have improved outcomes for patients I never thought possible. Financially it has been an overwhelming success."

Anne England, DVM
"The biggest thing I have learned in many years of practice is to be willing to try new ideas and techniques to allow me to be a better practitioner. Ardent has been a LIFE CHANGING experience for me personally as well as our practice!"

David Bird, DVM

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